Rhode Island Wedding Photography

Headshot by M.Studios


Hey, I’m Mel & I want to be your photographer. But first I’d like to be your friend, because I want you to feel really, really comfortable when I’m hiding in the bushes and climbing on chairs or tree stumps at your wedding.

See, I like to do things a bit differently. I’m the photographer for the eccentric bride, the quirky family, and the offbeat couples. I believe in the beautiful mess of bringing home a newborn baby, the real moments with family, and the stolen kiss of newlyweds who think no one is watching (this is where that bush-hiding thing comes in). Your life isn’t a posed portrait in front of a paper backdrop, so why would your photos be?

I’m looking for my soulmate clients. In order to truly capture your relationships, I need to build one with you, too! Let’s go out for coffee (my treat!) so you can tell me your engagement story, or we can spend some time gushing over baby booties. Photography talk can wait for the second date.

My photography style is organic beauty; genuine, honest and real.
My job is to capture those unguarded moments of pure, raw happiness.

Things I love other than photography: Target…who doesn’t LOVE Target amiright?, Coffee, Sushi, Nashville TN, country music, bonfires + warm summer nights, my friends + family, Pinterest addict, flea markets, cooking, chick flicks + bad tv! No shame in my game! If you love coffee + aimlessly wandering around Target we’ll be BFF’s in no time!


I am always just as excited about a portrait session or your wedding day as you are! I love chasing that perfect light and nailing the perfect shot! I often say “I am such a nerd!” during out shoot together because I get so excited when I capture the perfect moment and smile! You will often see me crawling/ crouching on the ground, climbing on trees or chairs (I am rather short), or hiding in bushes! I assure you, it may look funny, but it’s all to get the perfect shot! I assure you that I will be just as invested in your wedding day as you are. I sometimes even shed a tear, and even do a little dancing! I am truly grateful everyday that I get to do what I love!

Some things I love other than photography & design: spending time with the amazing people in my life, chick flicks & bad tv, social media, sushi & wine, pinterest, flea markets, once a year massages, coffee, all kinds of music, Nashville TN, boots & scarves, fall festivities, bonfires & warm summer nights.


I’ll shoot any and all types of weddings; from small and intimate backyard BBQ’s to big fancy bashes, black tie affairs and even destination weddings, I’m game for anything. I’ll be there to document the story of your day as it unfolds.

In addition to weddings and engagements I also offer maternity, newborn, and family sessions. Check out my galleries for more info on what to expect, and learn more about the method to my madness.