It has been a wild few weeks with the coronavirus, COVID-19. I have seen so many other business owners doing their part by offering free workout video classes, art classes for kids, and discounting store items, etc. A few years ago I hosted an after school iphone photography class at my alma mater, Saint Raphael Academy, and thought this would be a great time to share a few great lessons with all of you! Part of me would love to teach in the future so I thought testing out the waters out would be a great start. 🙂

I believe any age range (even maybe adults looking for a fun project) can get into this! We all know kids LOVE to steal your iphones, they love taking selfies and snap chatting, etc. So all you will need is either your iPhone (if you let them take yours), or they could use their tablets, iPads or I know a few lucky kiddos that have their very own kid cameras! Thankfully, all of these lessons can be done indoors or in your backyards. No need to go out because remember social distancing is IMPORTANT! I will be postings 2 lessons a day on my blog! So keep your eyes peeled!

1. NAMES: Have your little one first write out their names. Then together come up with items that start with each letter. Mom/ Dad can help with this part especially in knowing what items that are around the house. I will use my names as an example:

M: Milk, M&M’s, Money

E: Ear, Eraser, Eyeglasses

L: Lemon, Lettuce, Leaf

You can have the kids do this for each member of the family. Remember if you have have more than 1 kid try to have them use different items. Once  you do this its time to walk around the house or your backyard and start photographing these items! You can help them make nice composition (if they want!) An example would be to scatter the M&M’s on a pretty piece of construction paper that contrasts colors of the candy! So fun! This should take about 30 minutes-ish.

When they are done its time to put the images together and create their very own piece of art! Upload those photos to your computer or if you have an image software on your phone. (Photoshop Fix account. Once your download it, it will have you sign up for an Adobe Account which is also free.) Help your kids collage each image and then have fun tweaking the photos and print out the image.

If you have an old frame hanging around, place the image in the frame and now they can set it in their room!  Voila! Their very own work of art! Another option would be to start a free blog for their photos. (Wix, Weebly and Tumblr are a great free sites!)

2. CREATE A STORY: This one might be for the older kids, 10+ or of story writing age. Give your little one your iphone (or tablet etc) and walk around the house and ask them to photograph 2 of their favorite things. If they get overwhelmed, you can suggest things like your fur baby, their favorite doll, their favorite toy car, etc. You can have them move to the object to an interesting background Ex: Baby Doll on a the swing set. Now have them write a story about that object! Parents: Ask your littles a few questions first to help their minds start wandering. I will use a baby doll as an example:

1. What is the doll doing?

2. What is the dolls favorite color?

3. How did the doll get there?

4. Is the doll happy?

5. Is the doll tired and ready for nap time?

6. What is the doll wearing

7. Are they going to the grandma/ grandpa’s house?

8. Do they have a pet?

These few questions can be helpful in having your little one create a short story. Once they are done print the photo and place the photo and the story in a frame (or on the blog) and again, another easy piece of art for your child to be proud of. 

I hope this helps add a little excitement and brings some smiles to you and your families during this time of being cooped up at home! More actives to come over the next week or so.

I would LOVE if you would post your creations to Facebook and make sure to tag me in them! 🙂

<3 Mel